Wednesday, 24 May 2017

8 Indian sports women who made us all Indians Proud

“Mhaari Chhoriyan Chhoron se Kam Hain Ke?”
Last year was a roller-coaster ride for many sports women who achieved innumerable accolades, creating a history in India through their remarkable performances at the Olympics. Following are the eight Indian sports women who made us super proud in 2016:

1) Deepa Malik: “Disability brought my life into focus,” were the golden words of the woman who created history by winning a silver medal in shot-put at the Paralympics. This extra-ordinary woman won millions of heart despite her disability. Faith can actually move mountains; she proved it in reality.

2)Rupa Devi: Hailing from Tamil Nadu, this remarkable lady made the entire nation proud by becoming India’s first woman referees, representing her talent internationally. Back in 2013, she was the only Indian selected for the Asian body’s future International football matches. Rupa Devi is an outstanding leader for so many young women of our country.

3) Dipa Karmakar: She made the entire nation bow down by becoming the first gymnast; representing India at the Olympic Games. Her valour helped in creating history by being one of five women in Olympic history to perform the Produnova vault. Dipa Karmakar gave the entire country a proud moment through her incredible performance.

4) Sakshi Malik: This lady was the first to break India’s medal drought in the Rio Olympics through her incredible performance as a female wrestler. The young woman from Haryana became the first female wrestler from India to win an Olympic Gold medal. Withstanding all the protests at an early age for pursuing a sport that was not considered ‘suitable’ for women in her state; her parents always supported and motivated her to fulfil her dreams. She is an inspiration for all the young girls of our county to never give up on dreams.

5)Dutee Chand: This woman had a roller coaster ride in her sports career. For being accused of doping in 2014, she was dropped from the Commonwealth Games; which was not proven. Soon she overcame the challenges in her sports career and came as a champion when she qualified for the Rio Olympics; breaking the national record for sprinting twice.

6)PV Sindhu: By winning an Olympic Silver Medal, Sindhu made history by becoming the youngest and first woman from India to get an Olympic Silver Medal. She captured the souls of the entire nation when she beat the world champion number 2 Wang Yihan at the Rio Olympics. The entire nation is proud of her remarkable performance.

7)Aditi Ashok: She made the nation proud through her powerful performance in golf; -The Asian Youth Games (2013), The Youth Olympic Games (2014), The Asian Games (2014) and The Rio Olympics (2016). She created a benchmark for many young girls to become wonderful golf players which is not that popular in our country. Her contribution towards this sport is commendable and highly appreciated.

8) Indian Women’s National Field Hockey Team: The entire nation applauded for their charismatic performance as they qualified for the 2016 Rio Olympics, a first since 1980. Their victory reflected last year, when they won the Maiden Women’s Asian Champions Trophy Tournament. Our Indian Women’s National Field Hockey Team is truly a great inspiration for every citizen of our country and certainly for those who think women are not good at sports.

Article by - Varalika

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